I got to bed later than most people to see the moon in the night sky. And wake up earlier than most people to watch the Sunrise.

Having a tumblr bedroom is goals for most girls: they look cozy, there are hundreds of candles everywhere and it's Instagram worthy. Everyone wants one of these rooms, and here's a simple guide on how to get them.

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1. Cute pillows

Having many pillows is very important, it makes the bed look bigger and very cozy. It's better to use pillows that have cute prints on it and that go well with your aesthetic. But remember not to crowd that bed too much.

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2. Candles

Candles mean everything, they ligjt up the room and make it smell awesome. But please, do not burn your house down. Also, this is a great accessory for winter.

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3. Houseplants

Plants are amazing and they can give some colour to your room, especially if you're going with monochrome. Plants need a lot of light and regular watering along with some fresh air, so if you're getting one make sure that it can get all of those.

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4. Pictures / Photographs

If you have a polaroid camera, then you've probably already filled your room with hundreds of pictures. For those of you who haven's done this yet, printing pictured can be done easily. You can hang them in various ways for those who rent and aren't allowed to make any holes.

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5. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are great, they will light up your room so much and give you a new perspective. Also, you can use christmas lights and that'll do the trick.

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6. Books

Books are life, they're great for reading but also to decorate huge rooms and beautiful bookshelves filled with rainbow books. Having some books just laying around is also very Instagramey.

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7. Clothes rack

Having your clothes constantly in your closet means that most of the time they are humid, wet and wrinckled, which is why having a rack outside is great.

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And that's it. Having a tumblr bedroom is goals and I'm very proud I achieved most of the things in this article. Having a nice room is key to having a nice life and to achieve happiness.
- Dahiandra