Being an online student does have its benefits, however, you can procrastinate in your studies. This can have a big impact on your grade. You don't want that right? Here are some tips and tricks on how to be a successful online student.

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1.) Get a Planner

Planners exist for a reason. They help people plan their life out. You can use a planner to plan out exam days, study sessions, and even dates for projects.

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2.) Limit the Distractions

Yes, I mean your phone and all the other devices that may distract you. By limiting distractions from your study area, you can concentrate better and actually get work done.

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3.) Contacting your Teachers is Key

Talking and building a friendly relationship with your teacher's can help you be a successful student. They can help you with questions if you're struggling on a concept. I know talking to teachers can be daunting, but if you really want those good grades, you have to work for it. They are there to help you pass that class, go to them for resources.

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4.) Create a Study Space

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to study and to work on classwork. Don't go where the distractions are. Keep your work space well organized at all times if possible. make sure you keep supplies out for the specific subject you are working on.

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5.) Take Good and Organized Notes

Taking good notes can save you the hassle in learning. Learn the different types of learning styles that suit you. This can help you decide what format is best for you to use when taking notes. The different types of learning styles are The Auditory Learner, The Visual Learner, and The Tactile (Kinesthetic) Learner. Use highlighters and pens, your brain loves color!

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6.) Know Your Class Syllabus

At the beginning of each term or semester (your preference), your teachers in each class should give you a syllabus for that class. This important document will cover everything your going to be learning in that class, for example the units that it will contain. In addition, it will provide you information on how your teacher grades you in that class. These are all important information that you should pay attention to. It will help you out, only if you use the information wisely.

7.) Create a Study Guide

Creating a study guide for the class you are taking is a great way of testing out your knowledge of what you have learned. You can even take study guides before exams. Include the main ideas of your notes only! Write down questions that answer your class objectives and important details. Don't forget dates and names!

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