thanks to @dontbuymeflowers_ for this lovely idea <3

day five: write a letter to someone who has passed away

dear daddy,
where do i even begin with this one. im gonna begin with i love you. you loved me more than i ever knew the world could endure, and although you gave me so much more, thats all i ever needed. you did everything i ever needed you to do by loving me. so now that you're gone, i need you to know that you did your job. you were the perfect father. i know you had depression, although you'd never admit it. so youre going to deny how amazing you were, but i truly believe that in the 12 years that i was alive to know you, you're the best soul ive ever met. the day you died, i lost so much more then your infectious smile, and beautiful eyes, i lost the person who loved me most. im not angry, daddy. it was your time. i know you held on as long as you could... for me. i promise you daddy, ill never stop loving you.

i love you a million times infinity plus one <3