1. Get a tattoo

I really like small tattoos, I think they look lovely on girls. I want a rose, arrow or maybe some small but meaningful quote.

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2. Have a body I always wanted

I have an okay body, but there is so much improvement that needs to be done.

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3. Visit as many places as I can

I adore traveling, seeing different cultures, buildings, nature and exploring. I've traveled with my friends before, and I want to do that many times more.

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4. Go to Coachella

I always wanted to visit that festival! It looks so fun, everyone's dressed nice and having such a great time.

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5. See every movie and show that I want

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good movie or show. And I know that's a really long list, but I need to check all of them out.

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6. Also read a lot of books

As much as I enjoy movies, I like books even more sometimes.

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7. Have a perfect relationship

I want a relationship from my dreams, the one I've always imagined in my head. I'm not asking for much, just some true loving.

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8. Go to college I want

Hope that this will be achieved soon!

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9. Learn italian

That's my favourite language, I want to learn it soooo bad (I don't understand those pictures below btw)

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10. Have my own family

I want a nice house, caring husband, adorable kid or two, and a dog. This is my ultimate life goal.

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