Once you have finished with the foundation, it is important to know how to apply the concealer.
the color and coverage of the concealer depends on that dark your eye bag is.
I leave you two options that go from full coverage but light SHAPE TAPE to medium coverage, totally light L.A GIRL.

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FRESH AND NATURAL LOOK L.A GIRL works well and you have many options with different colors depends on that dark your eye bag is.
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FULL COVERAGE BUT LIGHT The SHAPE TAPE has full coverage and the Plus that is very light also, works very well without the need to seal it with powders in some skins, this concealer is more recommended for a person who needs full coverage.

You can apply concealer under the eyes in points, at the beginning of the eyecup or in an inverted triangle, depends on the size of your eye bags.

The concealer also has the plus of serving to give light in the areas that you want to illuminate, It is also important to know with what to apply it.

Temporarily removed
FRESH AND NATURAL LOOK on a skin that does haven't many dark eye bags, does not haven't many lines of expression under the eyes, apply with BEAUTY BLENDER wet, or you can also occupy the same applicator of the product, and blur it, the finish depends on how much product you apply, you can apply the product little by little and blur, blur in small touches not sweep the product since this way you ruin the foundation that you already have underneath.

apply the concealer with a small flat brush with natural bristles, it is necessary to apply little by little giving little touches to not remove the foundation that is below, this helps to deposit much more product, does not absorb the product and does not remove the cover.

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.If the concealer that you have is heavy you can moisten the brush o sponge with your fix MAC, NIX etc.

if it is necessary to seal the concealer with powders

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NATURAL LOOK use loose powders and remove them with a large brush of loose bristles, you can be useful loose powders LAURA MERCIER , BANNANA DREAMS , CHANNEL , MAKEUP FOREVER , NARS etc. It is important to know the level of oxidation in your loose powder since this depends on the finish of your makeup after a few hours.
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FULL COVERAGE LIGHT If you need to seal your concealer, use compressed powders since it is not necessary to apply a lot of powder, it is advisable to apply pressure touches.

The corrector tone is always better one or two shades lighter than your Foundation. A lighter tone than your concealer for powders.

For this type of look it is not advisable to do the baking technique since you do not want so much coverage, nor is it necessary, nor for those who need full coverage but want to have light skin, since you do not look for a Matte finish.