Lady Gaga is the perfect artist in every single way ❤She sounds amazing, she is creative, she cares deeply for her fans.. I mean just the name is iconic "LADY GAGA". Today's her birthday so I've decided to write an article with my favorite Lady Gaga's songs❤

Born This Way

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The Edge Glory

gaga, Lady gaga, and the edge of glory image Lady gaga and the edge of glory image


Lady gaga and alejandro image

Just Dance

gaga, Lady gaga, and the fame image Image removed

Poker Face

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Lady gaga and paparazzi image

Bad Romance

Lady gaga, gaga, and video image

Marry The Night

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John Wayne

costume, fans, and fashion image

Perfect Illusion

Lady gaga, perfect illusion, and gaga image

The Cure

Lady gaga, little monsters, and the cure image Lady gaga, the cure, and 2017 image

Million Reasons

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