A - Age

I'm sixteen years old

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B - Best Movie

Hawaii Five - 0

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C - Current Time

It's 8 p.m.

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D - Drink You Last Had


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E - Everyday Starts With

Waking up

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F - Favorite Song

Actually, my favorite song is Dusk Till Dawn

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G - Grossest Memory

My first trip to London in 2015 is defenitely my grossest memory

london, Big Ben, and city image london, city, and rain image

H - Height

164 cm.

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I - In Love With

I'm in love with my beautiful boyfriend called Antonio

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J - Jealous

I'm not a jealous girl

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K - Killed Someone

Maybe in my mind

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L - Last Time You Cried

Months ago

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M - Middle Name

My middle names are Greta and Pia

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N - Number Of Domestic Animals

One, my dog called Pako, it's a pinscher toy

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O - One Wish

I wish my family a happy life

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P - Person You Last Called

My mum

phone number lookup, reverse phone lookup, and who called me image baby, nails, and mom image

Q - Question You're Always Asked

Have you got a boyfriend?

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R - Reasons To Smile

My boyfriend, music and my family

Image by Destiny Lindner Image by giuliacammarota852

S - Song You Last Sang

Mi Gente

j balvin and mi gente image

T - Time You Woke Up

I woke up at 6.45 am.

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U - Underwear Color


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V - Vacation Places

Formentera and Bora Bora

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W - Worst Habit

Crushing my pimples

acne, skin, and article image acne, PIMPLES, and beauty image

X - X-Rays You've Head

Luckily, I've never had x-rays

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Y - Your Favourite Food

Both pizza and sushi

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Z - Zodiac Sign


Image by Giovana Rafaela Image by Giovana Rafaela