So today, me, my Nan and her sister decided, with prior preparations, to meet up and go to Knotty Ash. Only 10 minutes away, so it was pretty easy. I was very saddened to hear that he had passed away, so I so desperately wanted to go and say goodbye to a fantastic, funny man.

When we arrived, no one was there. We were quite surprised, but we had arrived half an hour early as to when his funeral would start. We ended up going to a cafe in the area and had a cup of coffee, chattering away. It was when I turned around, as my back was against the window, that I noticed crowds develop in the middle area of the road, which is separated by grass. So up we get and go out. They were a choir, and they began practising Happiness, which they would sing when his coffin, which was horse-drawn, would go by.

It was really special for me, for when I was little, I was so excited, as you were kid you probably would, I got so excited that someone famous lived so near. I never did see him outside his house, as other locals had. But, that didn't matter to me. Nobody wants to intrude on their privacy, famous or not. I was always just so happy. To know that he had all that money, and he remained in Knotty Ash. He could have gone somewhere, got a bigger house etc. But Knotty Ash meant so much to him and in that regard also, I respected him. He was funny, witty, warming and caring. His personality unmatched, in my own opinion. Yours may differ, I don't know. There will never be another Ken Dodd. He will always be Ken Dodd and he will forever remain in our hearts and in the stars. Hey, I bet he now has the stars to entertain, the stars will roar with laughter and so they should.

It was around quarter past 11 when his carriage arrived, having started their journey. I got my phone ready and began recording. I didn't take any pictures, as a tip I found useful, was that you can just take screenshots of the video that you have just created. The choir sang Happiness and the family in the cars behind opened their windows, some waving to the crowd that payed their respects. I was holding back tears, because I hate crying. As I am writing this, I am fighting them.

I just wanted to share this because, this moment was sad. But thinking of him and all the funny moments he shared with the world, reminded me that he wouldn't want us to be sad for too long. We should then, be happy that he shared with us those precious moments and remember him for who he was. To appreciate a wonderful man who deserved all the happiness he could get. And I truly believe, that he was. And we all were. I am now, as I look back. I have on now a tribute video and I can't tell you how much he makes me laugh. How much, he makes me smile. How much, he makes me happy.

Remember him, as happy and funny. Look on to the stars and wave to him, I will. Thank you Ken, we love you.

You rest well, and don't overdo it. The stars can only take so much laughter, we don't need a supernova on our hands :'D

But who'd blame the poor star?