Stranger Things Mystery/Thriller

theme, strangerthings, and rptheme image stranger things, quotes, and red image stranger things and quotes image millie bobby brown, stranger things, and eleven image

13 Reasons Why Drama

13 reasons why, art, and drawing image alternative, facebook, and quote image 13 reasons why and clay image 13 reasons why and hannah baker image

The End Of The F...cking World Dark Comedy

alex lawther image Image removed Image removed Image removed

The Good Place Light Comedy

header, icon, and kristen bell image actress, aesthetic, and girls image female and woman image food and healthy image

La Casa De Papel Action

la casa de papel, berlin, and series image ursula corbero, girl, and la casa de papel image Temporarily removed Image removed

The Big Bang Theory Comedy ( not an original Netflix but is also available there)

the big bang theory, leonard, and tbbt image penny, quote, and bigbangtheory image sarcasm, the big bang theory, and leonard image big bang theory, comedy, and sheldon cooper image

Hope you enjoy <3