My all time fashion inspiration is Madison Beer definitely! Her fashion is casual, yet so put together. For anyone else who adores her style, here's some ways you can add her twist to your everyday looks!

Knotted Shirts

If you've noticed, Madison rocks the 'knotted shirt' look quite often. This is more a daytime look. Summer is approaching so this is perfect. This is good for any kind of shirt. Madison ties her's quite high, I prefer just above my waist or at my waist as that's where I feel most confident. Maybe this summer I'll go a lil higher!
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Layering Necklaces

This is such an effective way to add to a look. Layered chocker necklaces are so nice. Topshop sell really pretty layered necklace sets and jewellery in general for affordable prices. Perfect for day to day and night.
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Plaid skirts

Recently Madison has been wearing plaid skirts to some of her shows. I'm living for it! I think they are so pretty. You can dress it up or down. This would be such a nice outfit for a concert. Madison has collaborated with Miss Guided to create a few pieces. The outfit below is in her collection annnnnd includes this super cute skirt!
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Sorry that's all I have for you all today! I'd really like to make this a series on my page. Hope you enjoyed this article! Enjoy the rest of your day :) xx

Xo, kirsty xx