Hey-hey-hey! LittleAlpha is back to you guys with a very lovely song, what is so beautiful. As I say. I hope you will like it, if you're not an ARMY and if you are one. Then welcome here, nice to meet you! But now, let's see this cutie.

Day 28 - 28/03/18

At the same time, it's cute, sweet and beautiful. I just love it.

Temporarily removed Image removed bts, jimin, and jin image bts, jungkook, and jimin image
bts, jimin, and jin image bts and bangtan boys image bts, gif, and jin image pride, bts, and jeon jungkook image

I hope you liked the song from th maknae line. I think it's the cutest song from them that I ever heard. So, if you liked it or if you are an ARMY like me, just hit that heart button, you can leave a cute reaction or if you want to talk to an another ARMY, just message me. Have a good day or night and remember, don't give up! You can do it! Fighting!

LA, out!