Hello, hearters!

Today, I'll be sharing 13 random facts about me. And guys, seriously, thank you for all the hearts and follows and the support. That always makes my days better <3 <3 <3

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1) I don't wear makeup

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But this doesn't mean I hate it, or that I don't respect people who wear it. We should all do whatever makes us feel beautiful.

2) I'm trilingual

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I speak Georgian (my mother language), English and Russian fluently.

3) I love comfortable silence

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Either with myself, or with other people.

4) Food Lover (TM)

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5) Feminist

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Feminism is basic human rights. Basic human rights are common sense.

6) Sometimes too moody

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7) Sometimes too childish

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8) I'm a morning sleeper

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9) And a night reader

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10) I love intelligent conversations

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11) I dream to travel and I travel to dream

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12) Rain is a happy weather for me

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13) I don't have a favorite colour

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It's just they're all so beautiful.