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In case you didn't know, I'm not a morning person, but lately I've been trying to be productive in the morning. I would love to share my morning routine with you guys! ♡

Alarm goes off

My alarm goes off at 8.30am, then I snooze for like 20 minutes. I can't get easily out of the bed because it's so warm and cozy. But however, I succeed. I open the curtains and put on something comfy. (oh and also my white socks, can't live without them)

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Coffee/tea + cat time

When I'm downstairs, I make some tea or coffee. Then I immediately go to my chill-area: the couch. This is also the perfect time to spoil my cat a litte.

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Make breakfast

I really like to eat yoghurt with fruit in the morning. It's healthy and also delicious. But sometimes I eat a croissant or a pancake. Today, I'm eating yoghurt with muesli, banana, berries and coconut. While I'm eating, I make a to do list for the day.

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Brush my teeth and take a shower + skincare

After breakfast, it's time to brush my teeth. Then I take a shower. This shower gives me the opportunity to start my day fresh and clean.

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Choose outfit

After the shower, it's time to choose an outfit. Since I'm a terrible decision maker, I started to choose my outfit the night before. So that I can't hesitate in the morning. Today I picked out something like this.

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Make up and perfume

For my everyday make up, I only use mascara and highlighter. Of course I like to put on make up but I keep it for special events. The perfume I prefer is from Yves Saint Laurent.

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Time to go

Sometimes I go out in the weekend but sadly, I also need to stay home to study. It depends on how much work I have.

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Sooo... that's it for now guys! I hope you liked it. Oh and feel free to message me, I love to hear from you :)