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FOUNDATION what is recommended for this type of finish would be a LIGHT FOUNDATION or MOISTURIZING CREAM WITH COLOR, such as BBcream , because it helps keep the skin radiant and fresh.

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Apply the foundation with a BEAUTY BLENDER or another type of sponge that serves to achieve this effect of fresh skin, because it is a sponge, it absorbs a certain amount of foundation to some extent and helps you not have excess foundation on your face and have a radiant finish to the natural. To achieve this you must wet your sponge with your splash, this helps to spread the base better, also being wet helps the skin does not look dry.

•The type of foundation and the things you use to apply your Foundation, depends on whether you need total coverage or not; This will depend on having skin problems.

Sometimes, the beauty blender does not work for people with many acne scars or open pores. It does not reach all the places it wants to cover, nor can it contribute to its total coverage, due to its absorption.
If you have this type of problem use moisturizer or splash before your usual foundation_. Apply the foundation with a flat brush or the one that best suits your type of needs.

•You can also moisten your brush with splash to feel the foundation lighter and give a brighter finish.