Moisturizes the skin so your makeup looks more radiant and fresh.


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For hydration you can use your favorite moisturizer the ideal for your type of skin, there are different types of cream for each type of skin, depending on whether it is OILY , MIXED , DRY or NORMAL. Is important that you know what type of skin you have, cause' this will help you to use the correct base, also the rest of the products for your skin type and this help to have a better finish, to not the products are run and they last much longer
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If you do not have a moisturizer, you can use a FIXERS such as MAC , NIX , ELF , MAKEUP FOREVER , MARC JACOPS , SMASHBOX , etc. You can also use the fixers before applying the foundation to moisturize the skin. Also for each type of skin and needs. These fixers help you to leave a better finish on your makeup and that your makeup last for many hours.

You can also moisten the brushes with the fixative so that the color is intentional in your shadows, to better paste the pigments and lighten the base.