What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

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  • My dogs
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My dogs are the most kind and loving creatures I could imagine. It's always nice to come home and have them running to you, tail wagging, excited that you're home. They love you - no matter what.
  • My flatshare
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They just make me happy.
  • That I quit my job
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Yeah I'm happy that I quit. It was toxic for me so I did that best that I could - I left the bad things behind me.
  • My family
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They're just the best people I know. Not necessary to say much more.
  • That I moved to a big city
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I come from a small town and I always wanted to live in a bigger city. Now I do and it's awesome. <3

Those are the 5 things I'm most happy about right now. Hope you enjoyed it.


If you feel inspired to do the 30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge head over to @TypicalGirl48's account and search the opening thread to this challenge. I think she did an awesome job to develope those question and to animate people to deal with themselves more, to get to know themselves more and let others do the same. Also make sure to tag her.

ly, bye x