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Today i am going to share my favorite bands part ✌️.
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↬ ➀ The Kooks

✯Genre: Pop rock, Britpop, indie rock, alternative rock.

✯Favorites Songs: Seaside, Bad Habit, Forgive & Forget, Sweet Emotion,Gap, Naive, She Moves In Her Own Way, Be Who You Are, Always Where I Need To Be, Down, Sofia Song, Ooh La, Eddie's Gun.

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↬ ➁ Bad Suns

✯Genre: Alternative rock, indie rock, dream pop.

✯Favorites Songs: Salt, Bad Liar, Cardiac Arrest, Off She Goes, Dancing on Quicksand, Pretend, Violet, Swimming in the Moonlight, Disapper Here,Love Like Revenge, Draft Pretty Boys, Sleep Paralysis.

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↬ ➂ Chase Atlantic

✯Genre: Alternative pop, indie/alternative.

✯Favorites Songs: Friends, Triggered, Into it, Vibes, Talk Slow, Roxanne, Meddle About.

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↬ ➃ Foster The People

✯Genre: Indie pop, alternative rock, indie rock, dance-pop, indie electronic.

✯Favorites Songs: Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini, Sit Next To Me, I love My Friends, Lotus Eater, The Truth, Call It What You Want, Don't Stop (Color on the Walls).

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↬ ➄ Lukas Graham

✯Genre: Pop, soul, funk.

✯Favorites Songs: 7 Years, Mama Said, You're Not There, Happy Home, Drunk In The Morning, Funeral, Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt.2).

↬ ➅ Dream Wife

✯Genre: Punk rock, indie rock.

✯Favorites Songs: Kids, Hey Heartbreaker, Someboby, Let's Make Out, Act My Age, F.U.U., Love Without Reason, Taste, Right Now.

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↬ ➆ Little Mix

✯Genre: Pop, R&B, dance-pop.

✯Favorites Songs: Power, Grown, No More Sad Songs, The End, Salute, Move, Little Me, Boy, Wings, Hair, DNA, Lightning, Love Me Like You Do, Down & Dirty.

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↬ ➇ Arctic Monkeys

✯Genre: Indie rock, psychedelic rock, garage rock, post-punk revival.

✯Favorites Songs: Do I Wanna Know?, Arabella, R U Mine?, I Want It All, No.1 Party Anthem, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

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↬ ➈ The killers

✯Genre: Rock alternative, indie rock, new wave, post-punk revival, synth-pop.

✯Favorites Songs: The Man, Wonderful Wonderful, Somebody Told Me, Run For Cover, Heart Of A Girl, Some Kind Of Love, Here With Me, Losing Touch, Human, Sweet Talk, Move Away, Bones, Smile Like You Mean It.

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↬ ➉ MisterWives

✯Genre: Indie pop, pop, alternative dance.

✯Favorites Songs: Reflections, Coffins, Oceans, Best I Can, Our Own House, Vagabond, Revolution, Drummer Boy, Oh Love, Band Camp.

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