Hy guys! Today I make an article about stress because I think if not cured, is something that can have a really negative impact on your life. So here is a list of things that I think can help when it comes to stress, and can bring back some positivity in your day! I hope you like it

  • 1. Listen to music
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Listening to music can often help you to step back from a stressful situation and can allow room for your mind to think calmly and settle things. Finding songs that relate to what we are going through also reminds us that we are not alone (which is very true!), and may require mini spontaneous dance sessions, hehe! But it can also make us completely detach the meme on what we are thinking or doing by helping to pass a bad moment, giving a feeling of freedom and happiness qundo maybe we are not.
  • 2. Create something!
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Whether it's music, art, cooking, writing, photography, or other forms, expressing yourself through a creative grip can be a great way to relax. I cook for a long time and I can assure that it works, it can be calming and may give you even a feeling of outburst! Taking a time out ' from a situation, to focus on your hobbies and passions is important!
  • 3. Play with pets / animals
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Playing with cats and other pets can be a relaxing way to get your mind off of things! Even if you are allergic or you are afraid of them, they are so adorable that even just looking at pictures of cute/interesting animals can be calming and entertaining!
  • 4. Go for a walk / exercise / play sports
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Going to the gym or going for a quiet jog /walk can be a good opportunity to get some healthy exercise while clearing your head. Team sports can also be a fun way to step away from a stressful situation and have some fun with your teammates! Improving your physical health can give you an emotional lift and boost your self-confidence.
  • 5. Talk it out!
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It's important not to bottle things up! When you start feeling overwhelmed by stress make sure you let someone know how you feel and what is due to the stress you have accumulated, whether your talking to a trusted adult, family (s), or friend (s)
  • 6. Set yourself positive reminders
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Sometimes attaching quotes to your wall or writing them in your notebook, or even setting them as a reminder on your phone can help you make a positive space around you. Find words that mean a lot to you and try to stay positive especially when things get tough!
  • 7. . Find a calm space
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Having a space where you can clear your head and sort out your thoughts is a great way to relax and de-stress. These places could be a nearby park, a friend/relatives house, a library, or a local cafe /restaurant. You might choose to visit these places when you feel overwhelmed.
  • 8. Writing to a diary
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Depending on how you feel, keeping a diary and recording your feelings might help you free your mind from the stres.
  • 9. Go on an adventure and try new things
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This can be a small trip to a new country or a car trip. Everything that makes you go up and move and explore new things and new places. The excitement of these experiences will almost certainly fill you with happiness and take your mind away from the stress that you felt before.
  • 10. Try new foods or eat foods that you like
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Whether it's a healthy snack, or some comfort food, sometimes eating food can increase your mood, especially if shared with friends and family. I also like to drink coffee when I'm stressed out :)

Please note: Stress is something that really needs to be managed and cared for! Each one deals with stress in a different way, and it is important to find out what works for you. These are just a few hints of ways to minimize stress and add a little bit of positivity and fun in stressful times, in my opinion. However, these suggestions should not be replaced for professional consulting research if necessary. Make sure you talk to a trusted adult and/or friend, and remember that you are not alone!
I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I hope it inspired you.

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