Hey! I've seen a few similar articles like this floating around, and what better way to promote my spotify than to include my very own playlist, That i use to detox, sleep or study to.

To find the playlist mentioned, click the link below to be taken to my spotify playlist! ( dont forget to follow)

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Top 10 Favourites from 15.0!

1. Melancholia ll - William Basinski
2. Silver and coal - Jon E. Amber
3. Flowers- In love with a ghost
4. Monday loop- Tom
5. 2:00am - Frumehere
6. Tomorrow never came- Lana del rey
7. Anotherworld- oofoe
8. Come die with me- Frumhere
9. Again- Wun two
10. Long espresso- o k h o

I mainly sleep or study to these particular songs, as they help me to fade away from my surroundings, (especially helpful if your distracted or stressed) and focus on my breathing, and what is important. I've tried so many things to detox and when i discovered making my own playlist to do this, I can't recommend anything else more. It gives you freedom to select exactly how you want to feel listening to these songs, As not forgetting, songs express emotion and if makes you feel different feelings.

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Please give my playlist a listen and a follow, and let me know if it worked for you! I'd love to know!
Also its my 17th birthday tomorrow woooo! ( consider it a bday present?!)

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