spring break is finally rolling around, and i couldn't be anymore excited! do any of you guys have plans for the break? yo girl is heading to portugal!! ahhh i'm excited :D


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there's a reason for why its a thing that everyone knows about!

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you don't have to spend a bunch of money on new decorations, there are so many diy articles and videos online that can make your bedroom look like a thousand bucks, without having to break the bank!


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whenever i am spending one of those casual lazy days, lounging around my bedroom watching netflix, i paint my nails! i get some fake nails from wal-mart for under $8 and it looks like you've also spent a fortune on it!


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i literally just had one with a bunch of my friends and it was so therapeutic, and much needed! there was no boys or drinking involved, just one of those typical girly sleepovers of where you eat a bunch of junk food, lounge around, have a mini dance party, watch a bunch of horror and disney movies, then talk until the sun rises!


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you can also make thins into a thing of where you go with your friend, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, dog, fish... (okay probably not but you get the point lol)

if you're not into that, then just go shopping! try stuff on you normally wouldn't, put outfits together in the change room even though everything cost like an arm and a leg now, but y'know whatever passes the time right?


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i think i'm just one to like things to change around a little bit, so then i don't get so bored, but look for new music! surf youtube, soundcloud, spotify or whatever form of internet that works for you. i started listening to more remixes of songs on youtube and i kind of dig them more than the original!


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i don't know how disparate you are, but considering you clicked on this article and made it through this far, i'd say very, so why not get fit? You don't have to start rolling out your yoga mat and draw into a plank just yet, there are plenty of different forms of exercise that you can do! Yoga, for one, pilates, kick boxing, jog, sprint, bike, hike (get some cute photos out of it!), swim,


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i never said you have to be any good, just play around with it! there is no right or wrong way, just throw on a look and rock it! because at the end of the day, makeup washes off.


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get together with a friend and just start shooting! i do this all the time, it passes the time, you can be as creative as you want, and it's a load of fun!


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because why not?

wow i didn't think this article would turn out to be so long, but here's a list of things that i can think of off of the top of my head! hope this helps!

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