Hi, this is an article about 10 of the most attractive female idols. This is only based on my opinion and also in no particular order

1. HyunA

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I love how HyunA is super sexy in her comebacks. If you haven't already, check out one of her latest comebacks Lip and Hip.

2. Jihyo of Twice

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I just love her cuteness <3. Jihyo is part of a group called Twice. If you haven't already, check out their songs Likey, TT, and Signal.

3. Sunmi

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Sunmi is a freakin queen. Check out her songs Gashina and Heroine.

4. Wendy of Red Velvet

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Wendy is so pretty and on top of that she's so smart. She is part of a group called Red Velvet. If you haven't already, listen to their latest songs Peek-a-boo and Bad Boy

5. Hani of EXID

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Hani is a member of the group EXID. The feature I love the most about her is her smile because its so pretty. I recommend their songs DDD and their infamous song Up & Down.

6. JooE of Momoland

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JooE is from the rookie group Momoland. Many of you may know her as the tropicana girl. I personally think she is super cute. if you haven't already, listen to Momoland's new song Bboom Bboom.

7. Jeongyeon of Twice

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Jeongyeon is also a member of twice and I love her not only because she's super cute but because she doesn't look like the typical girl group idol, her short hair making her stand out.

8. Hyelim of Wonder Girls

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Hyelim was a former member of the band Wonder Girls. Although everyone in Wonder Girls is pretty, Hyelim stands out to me the most. If you haven't, listen to their songs Why So Lonely and I Feel You.

9. Lisa of BLACKPINK

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PSA: I LOVE LISA AND SHE IS A QUEEN. If you haven't already (which you probably already have), listen to their songs As If It's Your Last and Boombayah.

10. Amber of f(x)

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Amber is a member of the group on hiatus, f(x). I love that she doesn't really care about gender roles and doesn't feel the need to look girly. Although she is in f(x), she also has her own solo music. I recommend her songs Shake That Brass and Breathe Again.

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