I had some ideas for stories that I never really worked on, but I thought I'd share them, Maybe someone will get inspired and actually do something with this.

After Life: a story about a boy/girl who died and then found out what really awaits in the after life. Turns out life is actually like the Sims. Once someone dies they are put in charge of someone else's life.

Replay: a story about a man/woman who planned to kill someone, and actually did, but then keeps forgetting they did. So whenever they see someone who looks like this person, they kill that person too, thinking it was their target.

Miss Marionet: The granddaughter of a serial killer on trial follows in her grandfather's footsteps. Just like he did when he was younger, she kills people and turns them into life-size dolls. Her next targets: the people who are going to give a testimony in her grandpa's trial.

End the World: Though it is usual for the main characters to save the world, in this story the goal is to destroy the earth before it falls into the wrong hands.