it's okay,
to not feel 'confident'
to not feel 'beautiful'
to not feel 'yourself'

you are beautiful,
with or without surgery
it's what's matters inside,
not on the outside,
we always say this,
and we only go for the 'best' looking
and not for people who are,
respectful, full of love, and so much more
we only focus on what the 'outside'

for example:
kim kardashian

we all know she had surgery
and a lot of people seems hating her
for that
(a lot of people are also hating on her because of her cultural appropriation in the past&recent and she got a lot of hate for defending jefferee star for his past, i know that lmao. she was in the past -and still is- a very problematic person but right now, this isn't the subject that i'm talking about.)

to be honest, if i also had the same
amount of money she has, i would do the same.
even tho, i love myself, but i still have imperfections in my body that i think needs to be fixed.
if y'all had the same amount of money she had, y'all did it too.

even the 'best' looking people, have insecurities about themselves. they are not perfect. just like us.
they are humans, just like us.

people do surgery,
because (again) they got told
they weren't 'pretty' enough to fit
in our society or something else.
they've done it, and still get the hate.
''before surgery is a lot better''
''omg she is so ugly with all that plastic in her face!!!!!''
''wtf, she looks so ugly now''

ST0p it.
just. stop.

y'all need to fucking realize that people
do this because they think they need to fit,
in our messed up society. like what the fuck?
are y'all fucking serious? it's not your FUCKING problem if someone has something done.
they do it, for beauty standarts. they don't do it for fun. they do it bc of feeling insecure about themselves.

men or women, it doesn't matter. you are beautiful.
no matter how you look.
no matter how smart you are.
if you had surgery done, WORK IT.
if you havent, WORK IT.
it's your goddamn body,
you can do whatever you want.

never listen to anyone,
what you should do with your body.