I would just like to take the time to say that I wish every single one of my muslim sisters in the ummah is safe, happy and healthy! Alhumdullilah for this day as many of us being muslim is an exclusion from society and being a women unfortunately gives us stereotypical 'disadvantages'. Being a muslim and a women in this day and age is still not easy. Although it has improved from years ago there are still inequalities we face for being both a muslim and a women. And when we don't get the chance to tell our stories and share our experiences then it is the day like this where we should commemorate all the things that have happened to us, to those who are the survivors of some terrible things and those who unfortunately have lost their lives or have been hurt for fighting and standing up for their rights! In shaa Allah we are granted Jannah and we please Allah. Alhumdullilah for the example of the life of Khadijah radi Allahu anha in which we can follow as a remodel to be a independent and strong!


(ik its the 28th but hey it should be MWD everyday am I right?!?!)