Hi everyone! It's the first article I write and I don't exactly know what to do... I decided to write something on WHI just to thank you because I hit 1000 followers and I really do appreciate you enjoying the pictures I choose and my collections!!

If you follow my collection "Italy" you should know I am Italian. I'd like to share with you some Italian cities. On We Heart It there are a lot of articles about Italy all written by foreign people! Here is an article written by an Italian girl who loves her country!


The city I love the most is Florence, "Firenze" in Italian.
This city is fire! I love walking for its streets and I think it is the city with the best food here in Italy!

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Talking about smaller cities, Massa is one hour car far from Florence and it's where some friends of mine live and it's really good and close to the seaside... from Massa you can go to Forte Dei Marmi or Viareggio that are famous seaside places

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Massa - Forte Dei Marmi - Viareggio - Forte Dei Marmi

I've been there once when I was younger and I remember it left me speechless. Are you thinking about Parma ham? Well if you are, you are right; this is the city where this amazing food was made. And, besides Parma ham, a lot of other great foods are produced in this beautiful city!

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What a great city to visit! Just as in any Italian city there are a lot of beautiful churches and buildings... you can also listen to a song (and read its translation) by Francesco De Gregori called "Viaggi e Miraggi" where he talks about Modena because of its cars... Ferrari was invented in Modena and in the city there are two important museums, Ferrari's one and Lamborghini's one

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This is such an amazing city too! See, in Mantova there is a lot of art and a beautiful Cathedral, Dante Alighieri (a poet who lived in the 1265 in Florence and who wrote the poem "Divine Comedy") talks about Mantova in his Comedy

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Thank you so much for reading my article!
Except for Florence I didn't talk about big cities that everybody knows, I preferred talking about smaller cities that are new for foreign people!
Let me know if you liked it!