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1. Gemini-Aries/Gemini-Gemini

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It is one of the most frequent, common unions, they share a great vitality and the joy of living together, of doing many things, have the silver alive. Cohabitation, marriage and someone could also think about forming a family over time. If the link goes on for a long time it is normal that there is some friction, but ultimately hold good to the blows of fate ... their technique is to attend a little, fill the days of many different things so there is less risk to get bored. Both, however, can slip into betrayal and then they are trouble!

2. Gemini-Taurus

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Gemini may in the long run be suffocated by the extreme jealousy of the partner, and above all the tendency of Taurus to always be the same as the day before. Gemini also love surprises, Taurus tend to refuse them or at least want to program them. Before starting a bond like this you have to think about it! When the Gemlli get angry they tend to spite and treat others as if they were stupid, a provocation that Taurus does not accept. And it is the latter that has broad shoulders, holds the provocations, but in the long run could also get tired ...

4. Gemini-Cancer

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A couple born with some doubts; both are very fragile, moody. Just a word called evil, a sentence poorly calibrated and everything is likely to go up in smoke ... so we often discuss and then make peace, we move away and we find ourselves. Insist too much could compromise the relationship. The chatter, the voices spread around art by third parties, can become a source of insecurity. Both signs are very sensitive to any type of vibration, sensation, evaluation of others. The respective families must not interfere too much in this relationship, which tends to be fragile. Love for their children will save them!

5. Gemini-Leo

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A beautiful couple, however very frequent ... the thing that binds them is the love for the unusual, especially the desire to always do different things. Both detest boredom and know very well that a relationship that is based only on morbidity sooner or later ends. Leo always wants to have the feeling of commanding! Gemini knows very well how to make him believe he has the scepter in his hand, provided that he will be the one to command! Power games, fun disputes that even if they do not become exaggerated become even stimulating! To mitigate the tendency to betrayal ...

6. Gemini-Virgo

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In the end it is the Gemini who are bored; Virgo too meticulous, perhaps overly critical, is a limit for a Gemini who never wants to stop and think too much, this can be a limitation. You can live for years together while maintaining your positions. The Virgin, in order not to close a relationship, is sometimes willing to endure ... and even a lot. The Virgin is not the type he lends himself too much to change his mind, situation, opinion too often. If then you start to criticize then it really is over, Gemini can not stand talking crickets!

7. Gemini-Libra

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A beautiful relationship based on good complicity; the two are liked immediately, both are signs of air, so they tend by nature to be rather graceful and positive in their way of being, to relate to others ... between the two who could ask for marriage or cohabitation will be the Libra . The Gemini will have to be good and not let go to flights of fancy or parallel situations that can destabilize the bond. Libra is jealous and still demands loyalty!

8. Gemini-Scorpio

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Very strong physical attraction, at the bottom of the Gemini also like that small arrogance with which the Scorpio tries to dominate the relationship ... even if things go the other way! The instability of Gemini, in fact, also ends up destabilizing Scorpio, which too often will have to deal with some of his lie, perhaps innocent ... but still unbearable. Jealousy is a double-edged sword, there will be times when both will not know whether to trust the partner or not. Better to be cautious and give up some controversy in order to remain calm. A sentimental relationship always on the razor's edge.

9. Gemini-Sagittarius

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Long live freedom! This relationship works only if the two do not step on their feet; I make my life and you yours, maximum respect but no mutual forcing. This does not mean, of course, that they will give themselves betrayals from morning to night, but that they will simply try not to have the partner's breath on their necks. If this agreement is respected well, otherwise it does not last. If they decide to live together they could stay from morning to night out for work reasons and meet in the evening. So they will have even more things to say to each other! They detest the typical monotony of a couple oxidized by time!

10. Gemini-Capricorn

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Capricorn is also very critical of himself, but Gemelli manages to bring a smile into his life, his irony is essential. The two would do well to attend more people, closing would be a mistake. Do not be afraid to talk about their projects and deal with the outside, it will be Capricorn to show some hostility about it. Always Capricorn tends to get tired from work and closes his thoughts. This is the real problem. The other is so mundane a solitary one; we must find an agreement otherwise over time some exaggerated divergence may arise.

11. Gemini-Aquarius

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It is a relationship that is very much based on the mental aspect, in fact even after a separation they remain friends or in contact, it is not a 100% lasting union but on the level of fun ... they go strong! Even if Gemini usually tends to run away and likes to be chased, in this relationship the game could reverse. The Aquarius is a red primrose and it will be Gemelli who no longer understands how to behave. Even the small things do not work, it is a hard bone this Aquarius and for this reason the partner, while remaining fascinated, occasionally complain. We hope not too much!

12. Gemini-Pisces

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They are very different in character but this could be the reason for attraction. Pisces tends to be anxious, it will find the Gemelli's way of doing nice, a superficiality that every now and then does good, you can not always think about the problems of life! On the other hand, Gemelli likes to be looked after and also likes the irony, sometimes fierce, of the partner. However, there remain very different natures; so anxious the Pisces, so distracted the Gemini, you risk misunderstandings! The discussions will be many and sometimes Pisces will get angry because the Gemini does not give him satisfaction when he gets angry.

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