Hello everyone and I’d like to tell you about a challenge/contest Ab (@secretlyagranger) and I are hosting called #TheStudyblrChallenge.

The link to her article is here:

This is a fun challenge to take part in because it gives you the chance to try new things as well as get your account noticed. I always love finding new active study accounts here on
WHI. There’ll be a series of challenges each week for you to try out as well as prizes to win.

How to enter:

☼ Message us your name, age and country (first names are fine we don’t need your full name)
☼ Write a small paragraph as to why you want to participate (60 - 80 words)
☼ Write #TheStudyblrChallenge in your bio
☼ If you choose to leave, simple let us know but if you take part in a challenge (for that week) your entry ill still be counted

How to participate

☼ Write an article based on the topic of the week
☼ Make a collection (should have a minimum of 20 photos and a maximum of 40.)
☼ Upload your very own original image, it can be anything from your study desk, your bullet journal, your school notes and tag it with #TheStudyblrChallenge so we an find it
☼ Your collection should include #TheStudyblrChallenge somewhere in it's title or it can be included in your description. This will allow us to find your collection. You can always send us the links via our messages.
☼ Tag your images and articles with the challenge hashtag as well

What are the prizes

1st place will get a shoutout and follow from both of us, and a spot in our little squad which will hopefully be active after this challenge ends.

2nd place will get a shoutout and a follow from both of us.

3rd place will get a shoutout from both of us.

The duration of the challenge is subject to change but you'll be notified if anything happens, the deadline to apply is Tuesday, 3rd April to apply. On the 3rd of April, Round 1 will begin and you guys you can start posting content related to the topic of the week. New topics and other information will be out each Tuesday, either by me or by @secretlyagranger.

As always my inbox is always open if you ever need to chat, want advice or just feel like saying something.
u. ♡

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