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Today I decided to create a this or that challenge. I have seen a few of these pass by, and I really wanted to make one myself, so here it is. If you want to participate, just let me know with the hashtag #ByHeartChallenge, and I’ll be happy to read your answers.

Now, lets get started.

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♥ by heart I am...

1 | a two am dreamer or a sound sleeper

I am a two am dreamer. But don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping and at weekends I’m the one who wakes up at eleven/twelve am lol. But at the same time I’m the person who enjoys staying up late. I like listening to music and just thinking at midnight.

2 | reckless or reliable

I am reliable. I overthink almost every single thing, so being reckless is something you’ll only see of me when I’m drunk lol.

3 | a garden grower or a forest explorer

I am a forest explorer. I think I’m more adventurous than I'm a person who’ll take great care of flowers and plants.

4 | a newspaper or a colouring book

I am a newspaper. I like to think I’m someone who keeps imagining stories but also lives them.

5 | the astronaut or the moonchild

I am the moonchild. I’d honestly be too afraid to be an actual astronaut. I’m extremely fascinated by the stars and planets, plus the stories behind them, but to actually go into space is a whole new level.

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6 | young at heart or an old soul

I am an old soul. I adore history and at times I enjoy listening to old songs too.

7 | a romantic or a realist

I am a realist, even though I’d like to be more of a romantic person sometimes.

8 | a cloud gazer or a star chaser

I am a could gazer. When I’m in a car, I like watching the clouds outside my window while I’m listening to some music.

9 | a mountain or an ocean

I am an ocean. Everyday I’m learning, not only of the world, but also myself. I guess there are many parts I still have to discover, just like there are parts of the ocean we haven’t seen yet.

10 | the artist or the muse

I am the artist, because I believe I find my muse by looking at the people and objects around me, by experiencing and feeling things.

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♥ by heart I love or choose...

1 | sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

I choose sleeping beneath the stars, because nothing’s more fascinating than the sky at night.

2 | flying to the moon or swimming to atlantis

I choose swimming to atlantis. I love fantasy and history, what more can I tell you?

3 | polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

I love polaroid pictures, because they're taken at the exact moment and you can't just take or re-do thousands of them. It's just one.

4 | barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in paris

I choose exploring rooftops in Paris. I don't know why exactly, but it just seems like a lot of fun.

5 | summer nights or city lights

I think I love summer nights more than city lights, because I'm mostly thinking of the beautiful sunsets.

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6 | paintings or poems

This is a difficult one, because I honestly love both of them. But, because I finished six years of acting classes last year and I had to work a lot around and with poems in my first years, I'll pick poems.

7 | rainy days or stormy nights

I love stormy nights, because somehow they calm me instead of keeping me awake like they do with most people.

8 | vintage postcards or antique telescopes

I think I love antique telescopes more than vintage postcards. There's just something very alluring to them, and they were a great invention in the human history.

9 | constellations or conversations

I love both of them, but I'll go with conversations anyway, simply because you can't really live without them.

10 | déjà vu or nostalgia

I love nostalgia, because the feeling you get is just nice. I have déjà vu’s a lot, and they honestly give me more confusing feelings than anything else lol.

♥ | tagging other hearters

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♥ | the end

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