hi guys! i'm back for a new article and i'm going to give you a few tips to win time in the morning and don't always be stressed out.so let's go!

wake up 5 minutes earlier

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i usually wake up at 8 so i put my alarm at 7:55 like this i can get out of my bed slowly,without being stressed out or anything and i have time to do my bed,put on some socks or slippers and start the day!

have everything prepared

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the night before,prepare the clothes you're going to wear and the makeup you're going to use and of course,have your bag ready to go then you can grab it and go to work (or school)

no social media!

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that is the biggest distraction in the morning and it makes me waste so much time.so please,don't check your Instagram or snapchat...even for 5 min cuz once you're Inside,you can't go out...(just kidding)

know what you'll have for breakfast

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take a quick but complete breakfast. and wake up knowing what you'll eat and verify you have all the ingredients to do it and don't take more than 10 min to prepare your breakfast.

have a pocket

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finally,if you're taking the bus or an uber or taxi well,put in a little pocket the things that you can use in a car like a lipstick or a hairbrush...

alright guys it's the end of this article hope you liked it i worked little bit much harder on this one and i hope that in the future i would do better article (it's one of my first) sooo see you next time byeee!!!