i've been feeling kinda good today and talking to someone at school sorta reminded me to appreciate the nice little things, and myself a bit more.
i have this spotify playlist named morning sun, and i love to listen to the songs on it when i feel like this, kinda positive and good, also kinda wanting to fall in love. so here are some of my favorites and my fave lyrics from them.

Vance Joy - Take Your Time

"We'll go dancing in the kitchen
You fall in my arms
Baby won't you let your phone keep ringing
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
We could walk away with nothing
We could go too far
I'll admit I never saw you coming
Now I see your colors running
Won't you take your time on me?"

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Vance Joy - Alone With Me

"Here I am, saying things to you
I never thought that I'd I would say outside my head
Oh, and here we are
I'm doing things with you I never thought we'd do
I'm seeing into you"

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( honestly the whole vance joy's album nation of two is so beautiful, and my other faves from it are crashing into you, i'm with you, little boy & bonnie and clyde )

Tom Rosenthal - Don't Die Curious

"You can't change a mind without a fight
Waiting for the hope of a morning light
You can't find love on your own tonight

Hello words that I just did not say
I found a way to hesitate, to deviate"

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Tom Rosenthal - Hugging You

"You took all the lonely days and you made them sing
You turned off the alarms so they don't ring
I don't know where we are in the grand scheme of things
But I just want to be counting stars with you"

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Sjowgren - High Beam !!

"Life's too short to stay
Where you feel dismay
But give your best to try
Don't look back, know you were right
Some mistakes I will make
But that's how I take shape
I rather be me
I wanna be me

I don't wanna spend my lifetime
Worried about the sidelines
What other people are saying about me"

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Vacationer - Magnetism

"And If you tell me you need me, I'll come on by
And if you tell me you want me, I'll be by your side
And if you tell me your hungry, I'll make you a lunch"

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"And maybe it's not hard to find
The empty space for two to hide

Girl, wanna take your hand
I wanna show you the world
Rebel, red curls
Do I surrender weeks to young hearts running free?"

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Spector - Chevy Thunder

"And whatever I never could ever let you go
I'm a lover above a b-beating heart below
I'm riding, I'm riding as fast as this car goes
Chevy Thunder, Chevy Chevy Thunder"

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Miguel - Remember Me (Dúo)

"Remember me, though I have to travel far
Remember me, each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
Until you’re in my arms again, remember me"

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- yeah i recently watched Coco and i loved it a lot,, and this song is so lovely

Sure Sure - Foreign Room

"In the faded soul, of a Sunday night
In the way you love, everybody
When they all go home, and the TV’s on
In a foreign room, there’s a question
Is your all enough?

There’s a bright future
In the darkness
Isn’t that enough?"

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okay there u go, hopefully someone found some of these songs as great as i do!
also i spent a ridiculous amount of time finding the pics for this adsfdgf

+ here's the spotify playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/user/idek.trash/playlist/1qQJxdxsCsIZyYNFyj8NzW