Hi guys, I'm finally back with an article, like I didn't write for so long but now I'm here to tell you 10 things to do during spring break!

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1) Take long walks.

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The weather it's perfect for take long walks alone or with friends, and it's healthy! You can stay fit even walking!

2) Cook fresh fruit food.

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The best fruit it's in spring, and you can cook anything with them, or just eat them without anything.
I really love cherries. You can cook with yogurt, ereals, or like do smoothies.

3) Pick up flowers and put them in a vase in your room.

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So this is actually a decoring tip for your room, because it's really pretty see fresh flowers and they are just Amazing in my opinion.

4) Buying comfy clothes.

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For spring you need to be comfy, and you can go buy like clothes with a lot of flowers and pastels colors, because in my opinion pastels colors are perfect for spring.


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I think that spring is one of the best seasons with summer for travelling, the world it's so big that one life isn't enough to see it, let's start here!

6) Start a bullet journal

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I started my bullet journal like at the start of february and i can tell you guys that's one of the best things that you can try!!

7) Take cute notes in class.

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This one is similar to the bullet journal one but it's more important because it's about school, and you have to be motivated to be good at school, and guys, this is the BEST way. Like I'm not really really good, I mean I'm normal at school, but when I take cute notes i really wanna study and do things!

8) Sketchbook.

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Even if you're not good at drawing, this is one of the best ways to spend time and have fun, yes this is how i spend time lol.

9) Workout!

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Summer is coming, and we wanna be perfect for the seaside right? right. This is the perfct season for working out, so just let's go!

10) Take photos.

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Nature it's awesome, and it deserves a lot of photos!


So guys, that was everything, I know I'm not perfect for that but I really like doing articles.
Hope that you like it and byeeee.