To my dearest,
Wolf rayet.

Too many things to say, yet the clock keep ticking.
You are the sweetest wolf I’ve ever met. You’re arrogant, cold but also lovely at the same time.

times flew so fast aren’t they?
You’ve grown into a better person each day. And I’d love to say this in person-‘
but i know that it’s just make a bridge upon us.

You’ve told me your story about all the person you love.
including me.
You say you loved me, and you’ve fallen into my lusty eyes.

I was the one who misunderstood.

The thing you called love for me was, love as a friend. Nor a girl.

But still, I love you with all my heart.
Strange isn’t? Loving the one who doesn’t love you back.

Sadly, this is the ugly truth.

My dearest,

wolf rayet,
my stars,
my light and dark.

We’re closer to ending.
But still, you’ll be the one I think about when there’s stars at night.

forget me not, would you?

with hopes and cherish,

your lunar.