Hey there! Lately I've been obcessed with this musics. I already have made a playlist on spotify with this songs. If you are curious to follow me - believe, I have good song taste ehehe - you can check my account:

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So, let's see what I've got for you guys...

• Stars and Moons - Dizzy
• Chains - The Sweeplings
• Learning to breathe - Switchfoot
• Dandelion Wishes - John Adams
• Capital Letters - Hailee Steinfeld
• I dare you to move - Switchfoot
• Easy Now (Sleeping Lion Remix) - Sawyer
• Only hope - Switchfoot
• Times like these - Jillian Edwards
• Lorraine - Peter Bradley Adams

I listen this playlist not only because I'm sad; I listen mostly when I'm reading a fiction book.

With love, Rafaëla ❤