Hey guys! Last time I wrote an article on different makeup looks you can try. Now I want to write an article on different looks you can try to change your look completely. Keep reading!

1. Sun Kissed Dewy Look

This could be my favorite. Messy hair, very minimal makeup except for popping highlight, fluttery eyelashes and bold brows. This look is made even better if you have naturally oily and darker skin.
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2. Bold and Elegant

Matte skin, minimal eye makeup with red lips and fluttery eyelashes.
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3. Wet hair and Nude Makeup

You don't need to wet you hair every hour for this look. Use mousse or oil and keep your makeup nude. This look is inspired by none other than Kim K.
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4. Full On Glam

This really doesn't need an explanation. This is perfect for night activities or a trip to the grocery store.
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