1. elida høgalmen - strangers

flowers & garden image

2. hån - 1986

clouds, sky, and blue image
"so why are you still there? if there’s no one to please you"

3. x-perience - magic fields

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"now i'm walking on magic fields. i see the world is the only place to be"

4. susanne sundfør - fade away

flowers, white, and nature image

5. billie eilish - ocean eyes

Temporarily removed
"you really know how to make me cry. when you gimme those ocean eyes"

6. cat pierce - you belong to me

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"feels like we're dreaming, we're tripping and reeling. just say that you belong to me"

7. ellie goulding - lost and found

girl, sky, and sunset image
"is there anybody out there there waiting on my way?"

8. amanda mair - empty blockings

Temporarily removed
"can't you hear me call out your name? 'cause i'm standing here. though i know you're scared"

9. room8, the sound of arrows - just you & i

cd, grunge, and broken image

10. marina and the diamonds - valley of the dolls

Temporarily removed
"dying like a shooting star. in the valley"

11. blouse - into black

makeup, rose gold, and pink image

12. alvvays - party police

light, art, and cry image
"you don't have to leave. you could just stay here with me. forget all the party police. we could find comfort in debauchery"

13. foxygen - shuggie

Image removed
"but you don't love me, that's news to me"

14. ellie goulding - heal

pool, summer, and water image
"let it heal"

15. oliver nelson, tobtok, river - 99 red balloons

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"the 99 red balloons go by"

16. kiss - i was made for lovin' you

90s image

17. bernadette carroll - laughing on the outside

Image by that's wonderful.
"i'm laughing on the outside. crying on the inside. 'cause i'm still in love with you"

18. coast modern - hollow life

Image by ℒŮℵẴ

19. the holydrug couple - if i could find you (eternity)

Abusive image