Hello, lovely people out there, today I'm gonna post about my zodiac sign and whether or not it fits me. To be honest, I don't believe much in these things, but I still think it's fun to read about it anyways.

I was born on 25th of April 2003, so I'm a Taurus.

I will just find some post online and then explain if it fits me and why, and all that stuff. Hope you enjoy!

chosen, fact, and taurus image
Okay, this is so true, at least for me.
fact, interest, and jealousy image
Another one that's very true. If anyone tries to make me jealous, I will most likely not be into them anymore.
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I'm known as the quiet girl who never gets angry. My close friends though say that I don't get angry often, but when I do, no one wants to come near me.
taurus image
Abusive image
God, almost all of this is true. Especially 6, food is life! I actually didn't think I fit so well with my sign.
aquarius, aries, and gemini image
Okay, I would NEVER do that. I don't ever think I'll get arrested either, so don't have to worry about that.
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Another one that fits me pretty well.
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This doesn't fit me at all.

That was all for this article, thank you very much for reading! Hope you liked it<33