Nishijima Daisuke and Manga Foster School ‘Genlon Hirameki ☆ Manga Class’ supervising Saiwaka who works as a writer and manga authors are recruiting second graders.

The implementation period of Phase 2 is from April 1 to March 31, 2019. We invite Yohei Kurose, Keiichi Tanaka , Hiroyuki , Furuya Inamaru to a new guest lecturer and will continue to participate from the first term from Go Tsuyoshi Ito, Shingo Shingo , Tagame Gengoro , Mutake Kenji and Yokoyama Koichi . In addition, Nishijima Daisuke was appointed “inspiration ☆ producer” instead of lecturer from this term. Even in classes, lessons of “inspiration” are trained six times a year to train the comprehensive strength as a manga artist who can not fit in technical skills. In addition, a number of new developments such as the exhibition at doujinshi sale party COMITIA, recruitment of auditors without work creation / review, establishment of “inspiration label” to publish comic books were prepared.

The number of regular students is 25, and the tuition fee is 291,600 yen. Auditing students are looking for 15 people and take 145,800 yen to participate. The deadline for submission is March 27, but the reception is finished as soon as it reaches the planned number of people in order of arrival. On March 17, we plan to hold a final review session for the first period, and free relay using NicoNico Live broadcast will also be done. Also on March 23 we hold a free briefing session at Gen Long Cafe. Sayaka of the chief lecturer will explain the program of Phase 2 and Mr. Ooi will attend as a listener .

Sayaka (chief lecturer)
Let’s continue talking about manga. That is our mission.

In this era, the way that the manga making technology, manga family position, manga is expressed is steadily changing. Together all of them, that is, “How to make comics of a new age”, everyone thinks, learning subjectively. We have to keep on that.

Why do you think so?

“Hirameki ☆ Manga Classroom” While doing the first phase, there were occasions where you got anxious opinions from students, and those who viewed the lecture with Internet distribution etc. It’s like saying, “If you do not consider troublesome things, draw as you like, enjoy reading and reading it, is not it?”

That’s true. Manga is entertainment, drawing and reading are fun. You can draw the thought of the drawing straightforwardly, and the reader can also taste it directly. That’s a wonderful place of manga.

However, I think after receiving the opinion as above, it is still sufficiently knowledgeable whether the manga artists are devising efforts to realize their expression, and how they are trying hard to convey their thoughts well It is that it is not done. And also from the standpoint of the reader, I am not aware of how much they read and taste manga well, how much it is amazing.

Knowing that, manga will be more interesting. Drawers can make their creativity further flapping through manga. The reader can know more specifically the frame, the dialogue, the story, why it is interesting.

In the first phase, active manga artists told their students their essence. The students also learned from the teachings, gradually deepened their understanding, and created a subjective expression and a narration. The inspiration ☆ manga classroom succeeded in launching as such a place.

Therefore, we will hold the second phase. I would like to continue as a place for such people to gather, express, and talk about this place consciously about comics. Based on this philosophy, Daisuke Nishijima first takes charge of the inspiration ☆ producer and is responsible for the guidance unique to the “inspiration” of braiding the self-producing strategy as a writer. From the first stage, continuing lecturers continued to cooperate with guest lecturers and prepared a sophisticated lecture program.

Both the maker and the reader, from both sides, convey the excellence of the present comic and let it succeed to the next generation. I want you to become a member of it.

Daisuke Nishijima (Hirameki ☆ Producer)
It’s bad, but if you flinch it, you win.

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