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Hello fellows! Where are my Hufflepuff dorm mates at? This one goes out to you! If you want to talk about any mentioned movie or discuss things about it feel free to leave me a postcard. Enjoy!

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

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Such a beautiful beautiful movie. And the main character is also a Hufflepuff :3 You will find plenty of cute and glorious creatures, a very interesting storyline and somehow a long awaited prequel. I didn't even know that I was waiting for this story until it was published.

A Walk To Remember

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A heartbreaking story. It makes me cry everytime. Nicholas Sparks has by far created one of the best teenage romances ever ( I would put John Green and Rainbow Rowell on that list, too)

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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This will always be one of my absolute favourite books/movies! Especially the movie is sooooo good. I thought I would be disappointed by the movie and first at some parts I was but right after I watched the Interview of Stephen Chbosky and reflected his decisions I was fully happy with it. Do you think Charlie could be a Hufflepuff? I do.

Paper Towns

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This story opened my love to poetry, introverts and smart adolescents. Mainly I love this movie because of the actors and the storyline. Frindship, loyalty and hard work are in focus and personally I at some point can identify with both Margo and Q. The Hufflepuff I suspect here is definetly Q.
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