"Write a page of a diary."

Dear DT, (for whatever reason, I used to call my diary DT)

I've been feeling kind of lost lately. My own personal sense of purpose is in a very good place, but the broader sense is all wrong. I'm in the final stretch of my senior year of high school with less than three months to go. I'm stuck in that terrible senioritis mindset of nothing having any point to it. There are certain things I do still enjoy learning, but I also feel that they're wasting my time.

I'm also disappointed with how the year is turning out. I could have completed school my first semester, but decided to stretch it out until now because I wanted the whole "senior experience". This is bullshit. I realized I'm not friends with pretty much anyone who goes to school still and they are all actually horrible people (maybe not horrible, just beneath me in maturity). The learning content now feels stale. Everyone talking about college constantly is stressful and pointless. The worst is that, outside school walls, I am an adult. I am treated as such by my family, work, friends, and everyone else. Although my teachers try their hardest, I still have to sign out to use the bathroom. How degrading is that? I'm mad all the time and I hate everything.

But I have to remind myself that this will only last just a tad bit longer, and then I'm moving to Baltimore into my dope apartment with my adult roommates and getting an adult job and going to a nice college. So this too shall pass.