Hello stranger,
I know I've been disappeared for a few weeks. To time for myself and because I lost inspiration. So excuse me for this.
Anyways, here are the things that I love to do this moment.

  • The first one is music to isolate me. It's quite rude to say like this, but this is true. When everything goes wrong, I prefer to isolate myself to think. It helps me to not say things that I'll regret after. It calms me down. Makes me dream of the life that I would like to leave. When I'm sad, I'm not listening happy songs. When I'm in a bad mood, I need sad songs or sad rhythms. It's very simple, I put a sweater on, lie on my bed and play the music. I've got a playlist on Spotify just for that!
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  • Basic thing, when I feel tired and sad, I don't care about my outfit. So I wear cosy clothes like sweat, hoodie... I love to be hot. It reassures me. And also don't wear a lot of make. Just the basic things like mascara, a little black line on my eyes and some foundation to hide my dark rings under my eyes. But usually, people never note this. I mean the way how I choose my outfits. So this pretty cool because like this, my friends cannot see if I'm sad or if something is wrong.
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  • Writing. When something disturbs me, I prefer to write it on a paper or on my computer because I'm not a person very confident. It's hard to me to talk about my emotion in front of someone. I lost what I want to say and the reason of why I'm like this seems to be less and less believable. So this is the reason why sometimes I lie and give a fake image of my life. Not very often but as all the humans, I've got problems. But I prefer not talk or let them change my mood in front of people. Even if I complain all the time, I never speak about the big problems that I can have. I prefer to listen to the problem of the others. And writing my problems on a computer or a book make it possible to express myself somewhere.
  • Watch video Youtube or some series. Like this, I can dream of another life or simply find what I would like to do to have a positive life as them. Or some of these YouTubers make laugh or smile even when my friends failed. Just one, in particular, makes me smile even if I'm angry. It works every time and people never understand why I'm obsessed why him.
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  • Pet my dog or just spend time with my friends. Because when you're sad, they are the best people to make forget what's wrong. Just have fun. Even if you stay at home to do nothing. Friendship must be strong and useful. You don't need to talk or to speak about school... Create your own world, play games, cook together, create choregraphies... There is an endlessly positibilities.
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This is all I've to say. And don't think that I'm not okay. I'm fine, really but I admit that some moment makes me feel sad, tired and angry. They happen almost every day and I try to see the positive side in my day and in my life. I hope it helps you and tell me what you love to do when you feel sad.

This is my Spotify by the way: pretty_little_witch

Best wishes,