Hey guys! I posted my last article a month ago - I know, I know... But, for those who enjoy my articles, I hope you'll be happy when I say that you'll hear from me much more from now on!

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I haven't been writing articles, but what I have been doing is taking some time for myself, clearing my thoughts, doing my affirmations and meditation more, healing my energy...

Today I want to talk to you about the way social media is impacting and sort of ruining or lives. It includes all social media, for me, it's mostly Instagram, because I don't use Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

At the end of my article I'm gonna leave link of the video that really made me think about it all.

So, here's what's going on. We became so obsessed about seeking validation from people we barely even know, or don't know at all. We (especially girls) compare our look, our body, our makeup, our home, our job, our relationships to some social media influencers who seem so damn happy and living the life of their dreams.

Most of the time, we are not even conscious about it! We don't always say "She is way prettier than me" or "His biceps is much better looking than mine".

BUT, we spend so much time on Instagam (I'll talk mostly about it because that's what is my personal issue) and we get served what THEY want us to see. They're not gonna be posting pictures of bad aspects of their life! They not gonna tell you when they had a fight with a partner, family member, a friend...They not gonna tell you that today "they feel bloated, fat, can't fit in favourite jeans". They are serving their perfect aspects of life, that are not even perfect! They are different from us not because they are better - but because we think so.

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We buy stuff we don't need because we think that will make us happier. We see a picture of a beautiful blogger, having huge smile on her face, wearing cute outfit, we see which makeup products did she use for exact makeup look, and we tend to copy all that.

1)We think that her smile means she is so happy.
2)We are convinced that exact outfit and exact makeup products made her happy.

Take this for example - you buy new, gorgeous bag you seen on your favorite fashion blogger's page, you feel happy for few days. After one week, you still feel the same emotion you had before you bought that same bag. We keep buying things that give us temporary feeling of joy and fulfillment.

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This impacts our confidence too! We put ourselves out there, like we're on sale, and wait for validation. If our picture doesn't get some amount of likes (the number we defined in our heads as "ok" or as "enough) we feel like we're not good enough. We aren't pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough, funny enough. We spend so much more time creating that perfect persona on social media, trying to make people think that we live awesome lives, than exactly trying to make our lives awesome!

We are addicted. That is true. You maybe say or think you're not, but think about this - how long can you go before checking your phone? Not even a second. Can you be happy and feel joy and that feeling of fulfillment without scrolling through the feed? When our phone battery is low and we don't have a charger with us, we feel drained as well.

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There is so much to this topic, I just wanted to trigger your thinking about all this a little bit.

Also, I decided to stop posting on Instagram for a month and see what's changed in my life. I decided that two days ago, so I'll let you know and keep you posted about that.

I made a new rule for myself to, and so far it's very helpful - don't check my phone as soon as I wake up, I check it at least an hour after waking up, I have breakfast, tea, coffee, play some music, whatever. And - not checking my phone after 11PM. I hope I'm gonna come to 10PM, that's my goal for now.

I installed an app that tracks my time spent on phone - you answer some questions at the beginning and based on your answers, it suggests ideal time for you. Mine is 90 minutes, and I get 30 unlockings each day.

I hope this was an interesting topic and I hope I made you think about this. I love you all so much, I'm gonna post tomorrow again. If you have any idea of what you want to read about on my channel - let me know. It makes me so happy when I see messages from you telling me that I inspire you and you love my articles :) xoxo

Videos about social media impact: