(Adj) very dark, gloomy.


"Welcome back." The dark greenish-haired male greeted, stopping his fingers from typing furiously on his computer keyboard.

He smiled at the five men who entered the station, his dimples popping.

The black-haired man hummed and throw himself on his chair.

His energy was drained and all he wanted was to wrap himself on the warmness of his bed.

"Did you get the man?" The man with dimples questioned.

"You mean the fucker! Yes. I did." jungkook replied, making sure to emphasis the word 'i' as he took off his uniform blazer.
"I was also victimized as always and ended up carrying him too." The younger sighed.

"Namjoon hyung! Jungkookie got him so good. He looked so cool carrying him to the car." The blond haired man said excitedly, taking the water bottle from his fellow age friend.

"Wait! Carrying him?....What did you guys do? I thought he was going to stay with us tonight." Namjoon, the man with dimples questioned again, adjusting his glasses higher on the bridge of his nose.

"Well Hoseok Hyung knocked him out and we had to drop him off to where he truly belongs to." The grey-haired male then pouted.

"I thought I was going to have some company tonight." He continued.

"Don't worry Jiminie. I'll stay with you." The blond-haired man smiled a rectangular smile at the man addressed as jimin.

"Thanks, Taehyung." Jimin smiled back.

"I don't get why we have been chasing that fucker for days when he was just a catch of five minutes." Hoseok exclaimed, twirling on his chair. The other members agreed along with him.

They were told that he was going to meet up with some people for a deal.

The men's waited in their hidden positions as planned and waited for the dealers to show up.

Ten minutes past after the meeting time.

Turning to twenty.

And finally thirty, but the dealers didn't show up.

The man with the suitcase himself looked flustered as he kept waiting.

It was as if everything was planned.

As if they knew they were waiting, in the dark.

"That fucker did have a good amount of drugs on him." The black-haired male who had been deep in thoughts let out.

"Okay, the fucker phrase is getting to me now." Namjoon cringed.

"Yoongi Hyung called him that and we thought it was cool." Taehyung said, Jimin and Jungkook agreeing along with him.

They stopped, when a woman with a clipboard entered the busy room; her hair in a messy bun and eyes covered with glasses, she looked up.

"Good to see that you gentlemen are not injured." The woman who was in her early thirteen smiled.

"Yerin noona!" Taehyung exclaimed, getting a pat on his head from the woman.

Yerin was the wife of the deputy chief, a really beautiful and a smart woman. Years of training have kept her fit and active.

"You all did great today. Your off to go except inspector Jimin. You have to do duty tonight." Yerin informed, her voice as soft as always.

"Yes, ma'am." Jimin straightens his back.

"I'm staying with him tonight noona. Since he's alone." Taehyung informed.

Yerin hummed. "Okay then. Please do save your energy for tomorrow. The chief is visiting and bringing a new rookie."

"A rookie?"

"Not this shit again."

"Watch your mouth Min Yoongi. Is that how you talk to your elders?" Yerin rose her perfectly shaped brow.

"I'm just one year younger than you." The black-haired man address as yoongi grumbled, making hoseok chuckle from behind him.

It was always entertaining to watch Yerin remind yoongi of his place.

"You were saying something about a rookie, noona. Please continue." Namjoon sighed.

"Yes. He's bringing in a rookie tomorrow. Please welcome them warmly." Yerin explained.

"I hope he's my age." Jungkook literally prayed.

"Why?" Taehyung turned his head around to the younger and rose his brows at him.

"So I can have an age buddy too. You all are too old for me."

"Jeon junkook! Your 25."

"So? I'm younger than all of you." Jungkook sassed, leaning back on his chair and put both his hands behind his head.

"Okay, boys! Calm down. And the rookie is young. Younger than Jungkook." Yerin informed, eyeing the disappointment crawling on Jungkook's face.

"Don't worry. You all will get along with her well." Yerin chuckled, ruffling his hair.

Jungkook hummed, however, he stopped and snapped his head towards her.

"Wait! Did you just say her?" He questioned, the other members staring wide-eyed at the woman who was already making her way towards the door.

"Have a good night sleep guys." Yerin skipped the room and smiled secretly, leaving the boys unanswered.


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