So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

So as I mentiond in day 10, I again forgot to write yesterday so I will do three Days today, because I have the feeling that I will forget it tomorrow again.
As I don't know what to write to day 11 I will skip that day and go on with day 12.

Describe a typical day in your current life.

Right now my life is absolutely boring.

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I just have kinda beef with a Friend that I called for. He isn't interested in me, so I needed to get over him.
As I have vacation I can't go to school, don't get me wrong I hate school. But at least it distrects me from him.

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So my day is like this :

Morning :

- Waking up
( I can't sleep so I wake up really early )
- eat some cornflakes
- go to my desk watch Netflix and play Sims 4

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At lunchtime :
- Still watching Netflix
But this times movies
- and lie in my bed
- sing and lern how to play guitar
but mostly sing ;)

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Evening/ Night :
- playing fortnite with my friends
- Going out to shisha bar

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Night :
( all my friends are need to work so they go to sleep earlier )
- writing articles

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Here are the other days :