One of the reasons that I love we heart it is that that no one care about how much likes do you have on it, but also almost you get a heart broken when you see that article you work so much for it it get 20 likes when your other stupid article that you make it just to appear in the first one get 400 likes.

These are some simple steps that you should use for getting more than 100 likes on your articles:

1) Post things that actually can help people

On We heart it people like an articol for using it or if they likes your photos, so a simple strategy is posting things that can help people, like tutorials, or getting an entire collection of aesthetics pics sorted by color nuances.

this is an example for that kind of aesthetic pics sorted by color nuances.

How to do this kind of articol? Is very simple!

a) Go on discover section and write your color that you choose

aesthetics, diy, and gold image

b) Choose your pics an posted sorted by colors

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It donuts, food, and rose gold image pink, girlboss, and quotes image
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and water image aesthetic, bedroom, and blue image aesthetic, art, and astronomy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

2) Tags

You should use tags:
( these tags are having all that celebre articles that I search for)


use some specific tags (idk if your article is about riverdale aesthetic, for example, use tag #riverdale aesthetic)

3) Put that articles that help you to write your articles in your articol

Thanks, guys, for inspiration!

4) You can see that usually people that are having the gold label or the star label are having more likes

Well, for getting the gold label you must to pay, but you can get the star label very simple. Post every day a picture on We heart it and put your pictures in collection. Just thing: is like Snapchat! So after you send your message to your friends from Snapchat thing about your friends from We heart it!

Gold friends
( bel )
( bel )
Star friends

5) Don't forget to say thank you to people how post for your article

Guys, today I discover an amazing hearter which inspire my for this article:

I let also down some of his/her collection ( if you want to get inspired, too :) )

Hearters that help me, too:

Bliss Grenade
Bliss Grenade
Amy Melampy
Amy Melampy

6) Spread some love

Is like on Instagram, if you're not a troll and if you really like something just tell this person and encourage him/her and he/she will look at your We heart it page an maybe they will like it.

So, guys, don't be shy, if you have some question about something or if you just want to talk to me, please leave me a message.

7) Made an My articles collection and add it at the end of every article

I see this are having all liked articles and why not, maybe people want to see what else do you write without searching to much so...