Holi, as many have been doing I also want I want I want /u/

1. When was the first time you saw 1D?
Well, when LWWY came out I said, hum sounds good c: then why not?

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2. Do you have a favorite? Who?
Louis *-* definitely since I saw him I fell in love with him and I think I've made him notice enough :v more when he was a baby <3

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3. What was the first song you heard from them?
WMYB :')

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4. With which of the boys would you relate better?
I think that it would be exactly Lou xD I feel that I behave like him with my friends and that ;-;

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5. With what would you not relate so much?
I think that as with all it would take to enter into confidence xD but I love them all so with none :)

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6. Which style do you admire the most?
ALL are beautiful in their own way *-* and every time I see them it's like I want to lick the screen :v

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7. One thing you love about Liam
That although I am probably falling apart, he always gives me hope :') my things.

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8. One thing you love about Niall.
Simply his joy xD always makes me smile

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9. One thing you love about Louis.
Him :v in all its splendor, everything.

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10. One thing you love about Harry.
How are you making your dreams come true :') I'm very proud of that and dimples /u/

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11. Have you ever liked something about the boys?
Never in a million years

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12. What is the song you never heard the guys sing?
There are many take me home that I did not know existed until I had the record very sad :cc because they never got the attention that the songs deserve.

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13. What would be your reaction if you knew them?
Idk, I always try to plan all that xD and in the end I end up shitting it :v but that does not mean that it would be very strange and maybe I would laugh a little ;-;

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14. Have you been to any of their concerts?
NOOOOOOOOOO !! :''v and it hurts to the soul, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM I missed the offer of 5x1 :c my consolation is that I will see Harry in July :D

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15. Approximately how many photos do you have of them on your phone?
Reducing it to, I have to do backup every week ;-;

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16. What was the first 1D object I had?
As before I did not like them, I gave away all the posters, books, etc and now that I love them, the first thing that really was mine was the record of Take me home <3

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17. Are you the only directioner in your school?
Nah xD half of my room they are and that we are almost adults :v

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18. What is your favorite video?
One way or another xD I even learned the steps <3 thanks montys

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19. When was the last time you cried for the boys?
Whenever I remember that they are not together anymore and I lost them in their best time, I am in the floor and cry in silence :) I feel horrible being a directioner in times of soloists :''v

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20. What bromanse shipeas?
Larry Stylinson all my life I did not believe in love until I saw them :')

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21. What is your favorite photo?
Jsjsjs I am an indecisive :v but I think that all of take me home and midnight memories are :3

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22. How do you tell the boys?
The sensual guys on the stairs :3 <3

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23. Have you read fanfics?
Obvious xD in that I invest most of my time: v is the collection We ❤️ wattpad if you want to see it :3

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And that would be all for me :D I want to give the credits of the questions to a 1D tag that I found in wattpad xD thank u very much <3 and good night :3

-Liss: D