The Dragon's Kindred Spirit is the Sequel to The Dragon Hunter's Daughter

Chapter Five

I took a sharp intake of breath, my scales sparkling in the firelight. I turned to Lux, stumbling over to sit beside him. My hands were shaking in fear, as was the rest of me. I didn’t know what to make of my new outer layer or what was happening to Lux.
Lux, I whispered again, feeling around for him with my mind. Silence permeated the link between us and I shivered.
But not from the cold.
The scales were warm and fit me easily; I had no issue with movement. I stretched my limbs slowly, feeling the weight added to my body. I peeked at my back and breathed a sigh of relief when no wings sprouted from my shoulder blades.
“What is going on here?” Eleanor burst through the wall. She gasped at the sight of me, staggering backward. “It’s not possible…” she trailed off, her eyes scanning me. Eleanor got ahold of herself and stomped forward, jerking me up from my sitting position. Her hand tightened around my arm, but for once, I didn’t feel a thing.
I glared back at her, “What have you done to Lux?”
Eleanor gritted her teeth, her eyes flitting between me and my black-skinned dragon. Kelvin appeared behind Eleanor, and after he touched her back, Eleanor released me. Kelvin whispered something to Eleanor and she paused, before nodding. Michael and Romero stood off to the side, clearly still terrified of me, and what I had become.

“It appears,” Kelvin spoke up, stepping forward, “Lux has transferred his scales to you.”
I scoffed, “No really.”
Kelvin gripped my chin and forced me to look into his eyes, “Do you know what that means, Liona?”
Kelvin hummed, “Still playing dumb I see.”
“She doesn’t know!” Romero said, and Kelvin removed his eyes from mine. Looking toward Romero, he furrowed his brows.
“You have grown fond of her,” Kelvin stated. I looked toward Romero to see him looking scared.
But not for himself, for me.
“You don’t romantically like her,” Kelvin muses, “but, she reminds you of someone, yes?” Kelvin pushed me away from him and stalked toward Romero. Romero visibly gulped but stood his ground. Kelvin circled Romero slowly as I tried to think of what he meant.
“Leave Henna out of this,” Romero snapped.
“Who’s Henna?” the words slipped from my mouth before I could stop them. Romero looked toward me and I could see the anguish in his eyes.
“Enough of this chit-chat,” Eleanor griped. She waved her hand and purple sparkles shot from them. “Good-bye Liona. See you again soon.”
“What?” I yelled, before the dungeon disappeared. I found Lux in the darkness, my eyes searching for any light. Suddenly, everything appeared—the light blinding me as I rapidly tried to adjust to the new scenery. We appeared at Argonite, completely whole and free of the unicorn army and Eleanor.
“Lux! Lux! We’re free!” I yelled, turning around happily, only to see he was still in the same shape as before. The inky black skin rose and fell with his breath, but no scales were to be seen.
“Who’s there?” a voice demanded and I turned, holding my hands aloft.
“Liona and Lux!” I yelled back, the growl in my voice returning. The doors to Argonite swung open and Mariona came out, a sword at the ready.
“Liona?” Mariona narrowed her eyes. “What happened to you? Where have you been?”
I looked around to see hundreds of eyes peering out from the windows, “How did you get here?”
“Maximus completed your portal when you didn’t return,” Mariona gathered me in a hug. “Everyone is safe.” She pulled away, tapping my scales, “What happened?”
“I…I don’t know,” I gazed back toward Lux. “But please, help me figure it out. Lux hasn’t answered me for a while. How long have we been gone?”
“Nearly two and a half months.”
I nodded, not nearly as surprised as I should’ve been. “How do we move Lux? We shouldn’t keep him in the sun, he could burn up without his scales.”
“Right,” Mariona agreed. Maximus appeared, his face showing his worry. He tried to conceal it with a smile, but I knew better.
Whatever happened to Lux and I was no ordinary problem.
I accessed my magic, feeling the same power as when Lux and I merged. But this time, there was nothing to hold me back.
The magic coursed through my veins, causing me to rise off the ground. I smiled in wonder, trying to figure out what I could do. I could hear Maximus and Mariona in the background, but I ignored their voices.
I had never felt so powerful.
A laugh bubbled from my lips as purple energy balled up in my hands. I played with it, bouncing it from hand to hand, before throwing it toward a tree. The tree disintegrated on impact and I smiled, feeling as though it was right.
I jolted backward at the sound of Lux’s voice.
Did you see that, Lux? Did you, did you?!
Stop this at once. Lux demanded. I glimpsed toward his body to see his head shakily rise off the ground. You need to control it.
Control what? I asked, another smile growing on my face. Did you see how powerful I am? How powerful WE are?
Look at your hands. Lux commanded. I did what he asked and shook my head in disbelief. The purple scales had turned black, just like Lux’s skin. Now, please, Lux pleaded, please stop this.
I closed my eyes, shaking my head. Suddenly, I could hear again. Maximus’ and Mariona’s pleas finally reached me and I sank to the ground, my knees buckling.
Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes as Maximus fell beside me, his eyes scouring my face.
It was all I could do to whisper, “Please, help me.”

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