If you enjoy this kind of stories here is a list of my personal favorites.

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1. Just Between Lovers (2017-2018) JTBC

Also known as Rain or Shine, tells the story of Lee Kang Do, a young man who had the dream to become a profesional soccer player but an accident destroys his dream and his family leaving him, his younger sister and his sick mom (who eventually dies) all alone. Ha moon so is a young woman who aspires to be an architect, she also went through the same accident and lost her little sister, she grew up feeling always guilty for her sister's death. After Kang Do and Moon So met they will try to help each other overcome the trauma that the accident left.

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2. I'm sorry I love you (2004) KBS2

Cha Moo Hyuk is a korean man who was adopted by an australian family when he was only 2 years old, he grows up thinking that his mother was too poor to raise him so that's why she gave him on adoption but when he goes back to korea he finds out that his mother is a famous actress and that she has another son who is also a top star in korea, he also meets a woman who is actually his twin sister. Cha Moo Hyuk plans to take revenge on his mother for leaving him and his twin sister, but he doesn't have enough time because he has a serious illness. In the process of taking revenge he falls for Song Eun Chae, who is also the best friend of his younger brother.

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3. I's okay that's love (2014) SBS

Jang Jae Yeol and Ji Hae Soo are completely different, Jae Yeol is a writer and radio DJ, although he is successful now he had a though childhood living with his stepfather and older brother who beat him all the time. Hae Soo is a psychiatrist who suffers from a sex phobia due to a traumatic experience when she was younger. After Jae Yeol and Hae Soo meet their lives go through big changes getting to know each others deepest secrets and troubles.