I woke up from the sound of a baking timer and as I got up I felt numb.
“She’s baking.” I said in my mind. My twin sister, Erica she loves baking food and loves to brag how good and tasty they are. But what really bothers me is everyone even my parents thinks she is the most sweetest and nicest girl in the neighborhood when clearly deep down she is a pretentious bitch who loves to show off her baking skills. I got up grabbed a robe and went downstairs to see what the hell is she doing and then I see her in the kitchen with a platter of red velvet cupcakes, vanilla icing , and red cherries on top.
“Hey Ellen it’s nice to see you awake. Would you like to taste one of my red velvet cupcakes?” She asked happily. I gave a her a fake smile.
“No thank you. I’ll just eat some cereal too damn early to eat one of your putrid cupcakes” I tell her.
“Ellen you’re just jealous because you don’t have excellent baking skills like I do and maybe one day I will teach how to bake like me and you will be a baker like me.” She boasted.
“Yeah like I want to turn into a pretentious bitch like you.” I hissed. She smiled and shook her head then went back putting cherries on the red velvet cupcakes. We may be twins but we are not alike.
We both used to have the same red curly hair but I’ve dyed mine black so I won’t look like her.
She’s a well known raggedy Ann and I’m a well known Marilyn Manson’s demon daughter.
She adores pink and cupcakes and I adore cigarettes and heavy rock.
I would die of embarrassment is someone notice we’re twins because for me Erica is like a tick to me. What would make me happy is to see her dead, gone, or locked up in vault deep deep in the ground where she would never come out or see the sunlight. I would die a happy girl if it ever happened but hopefully someday it will happen. My parents came in the kitchen walked past me and happily hugged Erica, I sighed and went back to my room. I feel so unloved… and so worthless...this is why I hate Erica she hypnotizes them with her kindness which they cannot resist from her and they treat like she is something rare like a blue sapphire, plus every time I’m doing something I enjoy such as drawing grunge doodles or playing bass they always ask me “Why don’t you bake with your kind and caring sister?” Or
“Why don’t you try being yellow like Erica?” I can be a bit yellow if she was dead or if I was dead. Sometimes I cry because my parents don’t appreciate about myself and I cut myself leaving the guilty scars all over my wrist while the red tears roll down around my arms. I don’t do it for attention I do it because I feel left out when my parents are comforting Erica, and I feel like I don’t even exist or anything. That is why I don’t believe love in first sight I only believe in hate in first sight, there is nothing lovable in this world nothing. For the rest of the day I was in my room drawing grunge doodles on my little black drawing book and then I wrote some song lyrics from songs I enjoy to hear such as “Irresponsible Hate Anthem” I wrote “I wasn't born with enough middle fingers.” On the wall with a black sharpie. “Haha and it’s true. I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.” I say to myself. I was in the mood to play that song, so I got up and grabbed my Antichrist Superstar album then placed the CD on my CD player then hit play and let the magic begin.

I got out of the house by climbing out of the window in my room and then jumped safely down in the ground. My friend Vivienne was waiting for me outside, we were both planning to go get an ice cream and hang out cuz why not?
“Come on I wanna see if they have the birthday cake ice cream flavor.” Vivienne. Says to me.
“Eww I rather get the strawberry cheesecake flavor.” I smirked. We both went to small ice cream shop and sat on down on the comfortable red velvet seats, the nice ice cream lady came and greeted us.
“Hello ladies what would it be?” She says.
“I’ll have the strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a chocolate cone.’ I say to her.
“And I’ll have the birthday cake flavored ice cream in a rainbow sprinkled cone.” Said Vivienne. The ice cream lady smiles and nodded then grabbed the ice cream scooper, I was looking at the ice cream paintings and then I saw something I didn’t like. It was one of Erica’s cupcake advertisements,
“Jesus Christ.” I say to myself.
“What?” Vivienne asked. I point at the wall where the advertisement is, the nice ice cream lady brought us our ice cream and we payed for it.
“Did you ladies know Erica is having a cupcake festival?” Asked the ice cream lady.
“Uhh..yeah….she’s my sister she’s been talking about it all week.” I say trying to sound a bit cheerful.
“Well that’s dandy! I’m also participating on the festival I’m making my famous chocolate ice cream cupcakes!” Exclaimed the ice cream lady.
I gave a small smile and nodded, Vivienne knew I wasn’t excited for this event she could tell from the look of my face and the tone of my voice. We nicely said goodbye to the ice cream lady and thanked her.
“I’ll you see at the cupcake festival!” Said happily the ice cream lady.
“You’re not really going to the festival aren’t you?’ Asked Vivienne.
“I have to my parents are forcing me.” I told her.
“Well shit.” She said.
We continued walking and talking at the same time until we stopped by some strange shop.
“What is this place?” Vivienne asked. I went up to the window of the shop and saw nothing but purple mist floating around the shop.
“All I see is purple mist.” I say to Vivienne.
“Do you think there’s a witch inside of that shop?” Vivienne gasped excitedly. I shrugged.
“Let’s go and find out.” I said. We both went inside the shop and we saw a lady stirring something on a big black pot it had red and magenta liquid, it kinda freaked me out I wanted to get out of here but at the same time I wanted to stay. Vivienne and I stood behind at some bookshelf filled with witchcraft books.
“Witchcraft section? I knew she was a witch!” Whispered loudly Vivienne. I shushed her then as I got up I bumped head and knocked Vivienne which caused her to lose her balance and fell down to the ground. The witch lady turned around and saw us.
“Clumsy emo demons!! I’ve been waiting for the two of you!” Bellowed the witch. We were both scared from her presence.
“Waiting for us?” I wondered.
“Yes!! You two are in terrible danger!! Especially you child!” The witch bellowed as she pointed at me.
“I’m in danger?” I asked to myself.
“Whoa whoa first of all what is going on? Why are you saying this?” Asked Vivienne. The witch smiled grimly and walked by to a small table with a shiny crystal ball as she sat down she pulled out a small red bottle from her black robe and put on her witch hat.
“Sit down girls and you will see the reason why you are in great danger.” Said the witch. We both looked at each other and sat down, we didn’t know what was going on but all I know is she does witchcraft.
She took off the cap from the red bottle and poured it into the big black pot.
“Now you put your saliva into the big black pot and then tell me what you see in there.” Ordered the witch. I got up and spit inside of the red and magenta liquid and then I begin to see a picture of myself dead in my room holding a butcher knife blood dripping in my wrist and then I gasp I see Erica smiling proudly with my parents while holding a giant ass cupcake trophy in the kitchen. I widen my eyes and then stopped looking inside of the black pot, I look up and then rub my eyes.
“What did you see my child?” Asked the witch. I felt tears rolling down my face and Vivienne comfort me and hugged me.
“I saw myself dead and my parents not even caring about me just happy with my sister’s cupcake success.” I say to the witch. The witch nodded and cleared her throat.
“Are you satisfied with this? That your own sister is full with glee because she won a trophy from the cupcake festival and you yourself suffering from suicide and pleading for death.” Said grimly the witch.
“I’m not I feel worthless when I don’t get enough attention from the people I love especially from my parents.” I say sadly. The witch nodded.
“Wait I’m lost. You say we’re both in danger and now I know what’s going to happen to Ellen. What’s going to happen to me?” Asked Vivienne. The witch cackled and began to do hand movements to the crystal ball and gasped then breathed slowly then looked straight at Vivienne.
“You my child you will be suffering from depression due to the death of your best friend and what’s worst is no one will care. It is like what she saw in the pot everyone is happy with her twin sister’s success but doesn’t even bother to ask about Ellen or what happened to Ellen.” Explained the witch. Vivienne and I looked at each other then back to witch.
“So what I’m going to do if I’m not satisfied with this isn’t there a way I can change it?” I asked.
“You cannot change the future but you can change her desserts.” Said the witch.
“Change her desserts?” I said all confused. The witch nodded and smiled grimly.
“That is the main thing you need to ruin and make her suffer.” Said the witch. Vivienne jumped.
“That’s right! she’s always bragging about her stupid cupcakes so why not ruin it?” Said Vivienne. It does make all sense now.
“But how do I do it?” I asked the witch. The witch smiled grimly and got up from the table and went up to one of her cabinets and took out a small purple bottle that is labeled Satan’s Moon Juice she held it to the light and smiled grimly and then looked at me very crazily.
“Death is the answer.” Said the witch. I widen my eyes and look at Vivienne.
“You mean I have to kill her?” I asked her. The witch handed me the bottle and a small brown witchcraft book.
“It is up to you child to plan what to do with this bottle. Read this ingredients on this book and you’ll know what to do.” Said calmly said the witch.
“Umm okay thank you witch.” I said to her.
“Please call me Olga.” She said. And so we left the shop and we both went straight to my house with the purple bottle and the witchcraft book.

As Vivienne and I went to my room I opened the witchcraft book and turned the page where it says Satan’s moon juice.
“Here it is. The Satan Moon Juice is one of the top poisonous potions of all time. It has been used during the 1900s by an old evil witch doctor who lived in a deep dark forest inside of a small cottage, she used the potion to kill a young pretentious mad scientist named Lua who stole the witch doctor’s rare potions to create a grand experiment in one of her inventions. Due to this the witch doctor created a very poisonous potion made by grape juice, infested rat saliva, ½ of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of dried Jasmine, and lastly the deadliest ingredient demon dust. She mixed the ingredients and then one day the witch doctor invited Lua for a cup of tea in her cottage, when Lua was too busy looking at the witch doctor’s potions and spells she poured Satan’s Moon juice in Lua’s cup of tea. They sat down eating apple crumpets and as she drank the tea she started choking and began vomiting blood out of her system then screaming in agony as the witch doctor was in the backroom cackling proudly. After a while no one found Lua’s dead body until a young girl found it while playing around the forest and screamed in horror then ran out of the deep dark forest, the witch doctor died 2 years after Lua’s death. The Satan’s Moon Juice has been discontinued but rumors has been said that some people who believe in witchcraft owns the potion. “ I read out loud.
That was the end of the story and honestly I felt creeped after reading it, I put the book down and held out the potion the witch gave me.
“So basically we can do the same thing like that old witch doctor did.” Said Vivienne. I re-read the page again but had a similar plan for the poison.
“You know we can commit a suicide.” I said to Vivienne.
“A suicide?” She asked all confused. I nodded and then smiled evilly. Later that evening Erica was making the cupcake batter and humming happily in the kitchen, I practiced my big smiles in the bathroom’s mirror and tested my cheery voice. I went to the kitchen and made a big smile.
“Hello Erica.” I said in my own cheery voice. Erica turned around and saw me and gave a me a weird look.
“Oh hello Ellen. Can I help you?” Said Erica.
“ Uh yes I was wondering if I can help baking the cupcakes.” I said cheery to Erica. Erica raised an eyebrow and smiled like she just got an A on a math test.
“Why of course you can pour the strawberry custard onto the batter and mix it. Just don’t screw it up okay? I need to win like I did this last year.” She says. I rolled my eyes and poured the strawberry custard onto the batter and mixing then I took out the Satan’s Moon Juice potion and poured it onto the batter and I begin mixing it. The plan was to poison the cupcakes but make it to a suicide of myself and Vivienne that way the people in the festival will think she’s the one who poisoned the cupcakes and will be arrested for manslaughtering me and Vivienne. I smiled grimly as I mixed the batter and then I saw my parents coming in the kitchen.
“Why isn’t that cute? Two of our lovely daughters baking cupcakes together.” Said my mom.
“I’m proud of you girls. But mostly you Erica for bringing Ellen here to help.” Said my dad. I smiled happily but deep down inside me I was cackling with joy, tomorrow these motherfuckers will see me suffering with death and will finally feel sorry for me and will disown Erica.

The day has come for the cupcake festival and me and Vivienne were walking around each cupcake booth tasting each cupcake they have. We first went to the nice ice cream lady’s booth and taste her famous chocolate ice cream cupcakes.
“These are we really good cupcakes.” I told her.
“Really tasty.” Said Vivienne. The ice cream lady smiled and thanked us. We went around every cupcake booth and everyone seem to enjoy this event but I can’t wait to get to Erica’s cupcake booth.
“Spending our last day eating a shitload of cupcakes.” I say to Vivienne.
“Can’t believe the witch gave you that potion and it’s so weird she knew we were in danger.” Said Vivienne. I nodded and then it was time to say goodbye to this fucking place called world and I will be down in hell watching devastated face of my stupid pretentious twin sister. Vienne and I went to Erica’s booth and we see her placing the cupcakes on a china platter. Everyone gathers around the booth and I come over to see if anyone has ate any of the cupcakes, then a judge lady came to the booth and smiled at Erica.
“I cannot wait to taste one of your cupcakes Erica.” Says happily the judge.
“Thank you but before you can taste it I would like a pre-taster to eat one of my perfect cupcakes.” Boasted Erica. Everyone began jumping, screaming, and raising their hands but then I came up to the booth and took Vivienne with me.
“We both volunteer!” I said excitedly. Vivienne gulped.
“Very well then since you’re my twin sister and you have your friend with you I’ll let you two pre-taste my strawberry custard cupcakes.” Said confidently Erica. We both smiled evilly and began to pick a cupcake then we took a bit out of it and then we gave a thumbs up and the crowd began to cheer.
“Alright that seems like a good sign.” Said the judge. Suddenly Vivienne and I began choking which made the crowd gasp and my stomach felt like it was going to explode we both threw up blood in front of the audience and screamed in horror. The crowd screamed in fear.
“Those cupcakes are poisoned!!!!” Yelled a lady from the crowd.
“She’s trying to kill the judge!” Yelled some guy. The judge took out her phone and called the police.
“I didn’t poison the cupcakes I followed every instruction from the recipe!” Said shockingly to the judge.
“GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MURDERER!” Boomed the lady judge.

Erica POV:
By the time the police came Ellen and Vivienne were already covered in pools of blood. The lady judge came over to them and explained what happened and then my parents and Vivienne’s parents came over to Ellen and Vivienne as they were on the hospital stretchers they were crying and went inside the ambulance with them. I began crying and yelling hysterically as the police handcuffed me and took me to the patrol car. The police tasered me because I couldn’t control myself. I tried telling them I didn’t want to poison anyone but they wouldn’t believe me not even my parents.

On October 16 1996 was the date of Ellen’s and Vivienne’s funeral the doctor told the parents of Ellen and Vivienne that there was nothing they can do to revive them and the cause of the death was due to a bottle of Satan’s Moon Juice known as a deadly witchcraft potion. Then on October 24th Erica was sentenced 20 years in prison for manslaughtering with a witchcraft potion, while in jail she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and injured some of the people in jail. Due to this problem she was sent to a mental institution all tied up in a room by herself. Two years later on October 16 1998 Marilyn Manson one of Ellen’s and Vivienne’s favorite idol performed “Disassociative” as a dedication to Ellen’s and Vivienne’s death. Erica never found out she was framed by her own twin sister the sad part is she always thought her sister loved her when Ellen always hated her and wanted her dead, her parents finally cared about Ellen and regretted for not giving enough attention to her own daughter.