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Hello beautiful people around the world!!! 🌎I decided to share with you guys some ideas in what to do with on your first date :)

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1. Go somewhere with a good view and finger paint the sunset.
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2. Go to a book store or library and read to each other your favorite kid's books. You both pick out 3 or 4 short stories that you used to read or that your parents used to read to you when you were a kid and read them to each other, It's very fun, very cute, and very nostalgic.
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3. Go to museum. Most museums are ridiculously boring, so go to one that don't complain, and find a way to make it more exciting.
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4. Sit in a busy coffee shop. It's a very low stress environment, so you'll both be comfortable to hangout and talk and people watch. If you're feeling generous, pre-pay for a few people's coffee, sit back and watch you make a few strangers' day just a little better.
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5. Do something the other person is passionate about. Art, hiking, sports, music or whatever. Having someone be interested in what you're passionate about feels so good. So does seeing someone you care about light up when they're talking about or doing what they're passionate about!
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6. Go for a walk or a hike somewhere you never been before. Bring a disposable camera and take a bunch of random pictures and get them developed later or use a polaroid if you're cool 😂 .
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7. Go to a craft store, get some fabric paint and some cheap clothes and decorate them for the other person to keep. Doing it with socks is great because you can wear them often even if they're ugly haha. 😂
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8. Put together a lego set. Everyone loves legos and doing "childish" things is actually very fun and helps you get to know your date.
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9. Go to a park at night and have a picnic. Prepare the food and make a playlist together beforehand then go eat and play on the playground and watch the stars and listen to music.
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10. Go mini golfing. Very basic, but it's great because if they're cool, you can joke around and take your time and have fun. If they're not cool, you can put your game face on, get all holes-in-one.
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11. Go to a dance class! like, and actual dancing class. Learning to dance simple moves is actually really fun. I guarantee you'll laugh the whole time.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this article extremely helpful!!

— Love, Clara ♡