its you...
its always been you.
youre the one i look for a text from every morning,
and the one i think about as i fall asleep.
i dont know if you feel this way about me.
you say you love me, but why cant anyone else know you feel that way?
you hurt me and i crawl back as soon as you say my name
im addicted to you and i think you know that.
is that why you keep me around?
i want to know that you truly want to be with me,
but thats hard to do when there are always other girls in your life.
you say, "i love you"
but then take another girl on a date, or to prom, or to homecoming.
ive cried countless tears for you
have you ever cried for me?
have you ever thought about spending your life with me,
or even just a month or 6 months or a year of it with me?
you make me feel so much joy when im around you.
just walking next to you i am elated and cant stop smiling.
is that why you tell your friends im crazy?
is that why you tell them im obsessed with you?
and when i asked you about the things you said about me,
why did you lie and say you didnt say them?
why did you say im a liar and tell me to stay out of your life,
just to tell me you miss me less than a month later.
how many times is it going to happen?
how many times are you going to let me fall for you
just to get hurt?
what i dont understand about you is why you keep coming back...
but thats also what i dont understand about myself.
i love you, and i guess love makes you blind to the pain that you know youre going to feel sooner or later.
so just know that no matter how many times you hurt me i am still going to love you and care for you.
but also know that if you continue to hurt me, i may never be myself again...
you might break me
you might make me insecure
you might make me feel as if i could never love again
but i will still love you...